• To motivate meritorious undergraduate students of engineering to pursue a research career in engineering, through a scheme of awarding Summer Fellowships at reputed institutions and other incentives.

  • To award Scholarships to first rankersamong 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students pursuing B.Tech. Metallurgical Engineering in selected institutions.

  • To award Prof T R Anantharaman Prizes for Science Communication by recognizing articles published by young Indians in IIM News, Current Science, Nanotech Insights etc.

  • To organize a “Professor T R Anantharaman Memorial Lecture” to be delivered by an eminent person every year on his birthday namely, November 25.

  • To provide partial or full financial support to students pursuing Ph. D. research in any Materials Science related subject to enable them to present their original research work in International Conferences abroad.

  • To award Visiting Scientist positions for a period of up to four months to faculty members from the less endowed institutions to carry out research at premier institutions like the Indian Institute of Science, the various Indian Institutes of Technology including BHU and reputed institutions abroad.

  • To establish an Endowment Chair (named as the “Professor T R Anantharaman Endowment Chair”) in one or more premier institutions in India for the purpose of carrying out research in frontier areas of Materials Science and Technology and to pay monthly Honorarium.

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