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This website is devoted to bringing to public notice details about the T R Anantharaman Education and Research Foundation located in Hyderabad, India, and its various activities.

This new look website has several new features, both in content and format.

The content has been brought up-to-date. Some new pages have been added.

Prominent among the changes is the introduction of “Educational Material” having links to powerpoint presentations, journal articles, webinars etc. We hope these will prove useful to students and faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

The “Activities” page gives details of all the activities carried out by the Foundation since its inception in 2009. These include Student Awards, Faculty Fellowships and Seminars/ Workshops organised.

In a new initiative TRAERF has undertaken the publication of printed books, mainly easily-read textbooks for the benefit of students. The first in this series is a book entitled “Notes on Thermodynamics of Materials” by Dr P Rama Rao in association with Dr S Lele and Dr J Joardar. Details of the book are given in the page on “Activities”.

Another new feature is a page devoted entirely to Prof T R Anantharaman called “The TRA Page”. This contains articles by him (mostly unpublished) as well as articles about him. It also contains an Interview given by him to the editors of a web newsletter called “IIT-BHU Chronicle”.

You are most welcome to send in any memorabilia of Professor TRA that you may be having in your possession. This could be in the form of unpublished articles, letters, photos and others, which you consider to be fit for inclusion in the website. We will be happy to publish them after a simple editorial review. Please send them to

We have introduced a Payment Gateway for the benefit of all those who are interested in sending in donations to the TRAERF.

We welcome any comments / suggestions from you for continuous improvements to the website. Please use our “Contacts” page for this purpose.

Thank you once again for your kind support to our activities.
V V Kutumbarao

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