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The T R Anantharaman Education and Research Foundation (TRAERF) was established on 23rd September 2009 in Hyderabad, India. The Foundation bears the name of Professor T R Anantharaman (affectionately known as “TRA”), an outstanding scholar who made pioneering contributions in furtherance of education and research in the fields of materials science and materials engineering over a span of three decades starting in the 1960s. See “The TRA Page” for more information on Prof TRA.

This Foundation has been specifically set up to build upon his memorable work and is dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge skills of students, as well as of teachers, across all engineering disciplines, particularly materials & metallurgical engineering. It is managed by a team of dedicated persons (see the page on “Board of Trustees” for details), who work diligently for furthering its Objectives (see the page on “Objectives” for a listing).

Consistent with what Professor Anantharaman strove all his life to accomplish, and true to the tradition of everlasting academic excellence that he left behind at every institution with which he was associated, the Foundation seeks to create new opportunities for students and teachers to better equip themselves to conduct original research in fields of contemporary global interest.

As a modest beginning, the Foundation has instituted Summer Internships to be awarded to meritorious students to work at leading institutions under the supervision of renowned subject experts. Similarly, teachers are being funded to spend reasonable periods in association with distinguished mentors at highly acclaimed universities outside India.

Further, to perpetuate the memory of Prof Anantharaman at Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Banaras Hindu University - his “Karma Bhumi”- Merit Scholarships are awarded by TRAERF every year to the first ranking student in the 2nd year of B Tech.

Several thematic Workshops focusing on emerging areas have been conducted by the Foundation jointly with other organizations for the benefit of students, faculty and those working in the industry.
See the page on “Activities” for a complete description of the activities carried out by the Foundation since its inception.

TRAERF proposes to place useful educational material on the website for the benefit of students of metallurgy and materials science & engineering. This material will comprise items such as power-point presentations on relevant topics, easily understandable articles and texts.

Several other activities are planned to be gradually initiated by the Foundation in accordance with its stated mission. The need for bolstering its resources is therefore obvious. The trustees earnestly appeal to all well-wishers for generous contributions.

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